My Temporary Daughter

Anyone who truly knows me, knows that I’m a big kid at heart. And because of that I’ve always liked children. I enjoy teaching them, playing with them, and talking to...

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I’m old! I’m damn old!

Ok, maybe I just feel like that, but I’m in my late 30’s. I’ll never update this page as the years go by so it seems I am not aging ;)

Anyhow, I was born in the beautiful state of Oaxaca, Mexico.  A state that was more like a Pueblo, but is now actively posting stuff on Facebook! I’m amazed!

Life wasn’t the best in Mexico, for those of you that have never lived there.

We ate the bare minimum. Eggs, rice, beans. Pan dulce for merienda here and there, and well….that was it.

My parent’s brought me to the U.S. when I was just an 8 year old lad! Or as they call us in Mexico, escuincle!


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